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  1. Old Train Tracks

    It would be interesting to see this empty lines converted into recreational areas (similar to Bellflower), it can easily add things like Bike-trails, playgrounds, green/resting areas, gardens,...

    Jul 29, 2013 by RJ (14 points)

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  2. Bright White LED Lighting

    I would like to see an investment to change the yellow/orange street lighting to bright white LED lighting. It will make the city look more pleasing to the eye as the other cities are using LED...

    Sep 4, 2013 by Lee Natividad (5 points)

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  3. Local discount card to spur local business growth

    A program that sells/gives away memberships that provide discounts at various local businesses. Can be in the form of a mobile app or a simple card that people can carry with them.

    Aug 29, 2013 by Artesian (13 points)

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  4. Make Artesia more bike-friendly

    Have a bike path that takes cyclists through the Best of Artesia. This will include highlighting local businesses, city property and feature local attractions under one program. This will spur local...

    Aug 29, 2013 by Artesian (13 points)

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  5. who is funding radio television artesia?

    I would like to know who is funding radio television Artesia? If RTA is using tax payers money. Then this should be a public access channel and not solely a Portuguese channel. I just believe that...

    Jul 27, 2015 by Anonymous (10 points)

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  6. Removing the Bike lane/Fire Zone from across 11446 Artesia Blvd

    They recently added a bike lane/Fire Zone across from 11446 Artesia Blvd. I am proposing that it be removed. Because of this, it has caused problems for the business across the street. People have to...

    Oct 16, 2013 by Brandon (5 points)

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  7. Reserving tennis courts and adding a second court

    I would really like to see the Parks and Recreation division implement a reservation system for residents only for the tennis court at Artesia Park. I would like to set some time aside each week and...

    Jun 27, 2014 by NoName (15 points)

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  8. Shopping cart containment

    Business's that have more than 25 shopping carts will be required to have a device that requires a deposit to use the cart. The deposit would be returned after the shopping cart is properly returned...

    Jan 24, 2014 by Marcus Lester (8 points)

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  9. The City should make more use of Twitter for public awareness.

    I would like to see the City of Artesia make use of the official Twitter account to actively engage the community by tweeting City Council meeting dates, new regulation change links to PDFs,...

    Jun 27, 2014 by NoName (15 points)

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  10. Improve Parks & Recreation

    It would be nice to see a better parks and recreation program offered by the city. For instance, the City does not currently offer swim classes because the City does not have a pool. Moreover, the...

    Jan 31, 2014 by pbautis87 (8 points)

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  11. remove trees that are damaging properties

    I am a very concerned resident. For over three (3) years I have been complaining about the overgrown tree/root in front of my house. This is a sidewalk that many people use to walk/jog. The cement...

    Jun 7, 2017 by Maria Morgado (5 points)

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  12. 2018 goal!!!

    Is so weird knowing we're living in very risky neighborhood we can't invest in surveillance cameras that will solve many issues with you know

    Jan 16, 2018 by seriously guys (8 points)

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  13. Reverting Pioneer Blvd between 183rd and 186th to Two-lane Street

    To reduce traffic congestion and improve flow of traffic to what it once was prior to the one-lane construction, my suggestion is to revert it back to a two-lane street and eliminate the promenade...

    Apr 23, 2017 by Resident (5 points)

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  14. check out

    It's disgusting how break-ins and robberies are going on in our area. We need to be more aware of our surroundings,

    Jan 6, 2017 by GG (8 points)

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  15. Public Transportation

    Although Artesia is quite a small city, going from corner to corner on feet is not a simple task for some adults and children, the only system in place only helps seniors and people with special needs...

    Aug 19, 2015 by RJ (14 points)

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  16. Stop the Loud Music in residential neighborhoods at Night!!!

    I understand the Portuguese Hall is an important part of our community and support them. The noise level from the Hall is very disruptive to the home owners in the vicinity, especially at night and...

    Jun 13, 2015 by Steve K (5 points)

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  17. To remove the DO NOT ENTER sign at the corner of 183rd and Pioneer Blvd. replace with a more appropriate sign

    I feel the sign at the corner of 183rd and Pioneer Blvd should be replace with a sign that highlights the downtown shopping district. WELCOME TO ARTESIA DOWNTOWN SHOPPING DISTRICT.

    Aug 4, 2018 by Dhiraj Vitha (5 points)

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  18. Disability park and recreation programs for adults and children

    As a parent of a child with a disability I would like to see the City of Artesia actively create opportunities for children and adults to participate within their community. Currently the Artesia...

    Aug 29, 2015 by Tia Hanson-Dealy (5 points)

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    Important Election Information - change in election date as mandated by SB 415

    Mar 6, 2017 by Deleted User (5 points)

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  20. CHIVAS Gift Giveaway Dec 24th

    I attend a gift giveaway every year in the Artesia neighborhood called CHIVAS (Dec 24th) . Bobby Medina and several other people get together to give to all the kids that come out of their homes a...

    Nov 29, 2016 by Ernie Rivas (5 points)

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  21. Public Transportation and a Metro Rail Line

    Not only does Artesia need this proposed Metro Rail extension line, it needs to get this thing underway in spite of Cerritos' objections. Sometimes, as I have lived here since 1971, I wonder how these...

    Aug 24, 2023 by Pamela Sztyblewsky (10 points)

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