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Community Voice is an opportunity for Artesians to submit ideas that they feel would be beneficial to the community. While this is an open forum, it's also a family friendly one, so please keep your comments and posts clean. Graphic, obscene, explicit or racial comments, will be removed. Abusive and/or hateful comments intended to defame anyone or any organization will also be removed. All solicitations or advertisements, and any encouragement of illegal activity will also be removed. Participate at your own risk, please take personal responsibility for the content you provide, but most importantly please use Community Voice for your advantage and to help make Artesia even better than it already is!
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Infrastructure & Environment Improvements

Community Voice


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  1. Old Train Tracks

    It would be interesting to see this empty lines converted into recreational areas (similar to Bellflower), it can easily add things like Bike-trails, playgrounds, green/resting areas, gardens,...

    Jul 29, 2013 by RJ (14 points)

    10Votes Up 0Votes Down 12Comments

  2. Make Artesia more bike-friendly

    Have a bike path that takes cyclists through the Best of Artesia. This will include highlighting local businesses, city property and feature local attractions under one program. This will spur local...

    Aug 29, 2013 by Artesian (13 points)

    4Votes Up 0Votes Down 2Comments

  3. Removing the Bike lane/Fire Zone from across 11446 Artesia Blvd

    They recently added a bike lane/Fire Zone across from 11446 Artesia Blvd. I am proposing that it be removed. Because of this, it has caused problems for the business across the street. People have to...

    Oct 16, 2013 by Brandon (5 points)

    1Votes Up 1Votes Down 2Comments

  4. Reverting Pioneer Blvd between 183rd and 186th to Two-lane Street

    To reduce traffic congestion and improve flow of traffic to what it once was prior to the one-lane construction, my suggestion is to revert it back to a two-lane street and eliminate the promenade...

    Apr 23, 2017 by Resident (13 points)

    2Votes Up 0Votes Down 2Comments

  5. remove trees that are damaging properties

    I am a very concerned resident. For over three (3) years I have been complaining about the overgrown tree/root in front of my house. This is a sidewalk that many people use to walk/jog. The cement...

    Jun 7, 2017 by Maria Morgado (5 points)

    2Votes Up 0Votes Down 3Comments

  6. 2018 goal!!!

    Is so weird knowing we're living in very risky neighborhood we can't invest in surveillance cameras that will solve many issues with you know

    Jan 16, 2018 by seriously guys (8 points)

    1Votes Up 0Votes Down 2Comments

  7. Dangerous Pioneer south traffic at 183rd

    Today I almost got into a car accident driving south at Pioneer just pass 183 st. I was driving on the left lane. The road shift right at the intersection so I follow the dash lines. But the car...

    Nov 22, 2019 by gx22 (15 points)

    1Votes Up 0Votes Down 1Comments

  8. Close more roads to non-essential vehicular traffic and expand the pedestrian/bike paths

    Please take a look at this news; the mayor of Seattle is closing 20 miles of non-arterial traffic for the sake of more bicycles, exercise and pedestrian traffic. I suggest we close some of the...

    May 8, 2020 by More Bike Trails (14 points)

    0Votes Up 0Votes Down 0Comments


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