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Pioneer Boulevard Improvements

Pioneer Boulevard, prior to construction
Pioneer Boulevard, prior to construction

Exciting urban design supports a high-quality pedestrian and transit experience

Artesians are buzzing about the progress being made on Pioneer Boulevard between 183rd and 188th Streets, which is currently undergoing its much-anticipated transformation. 

The purpose of these improvements is to heighten people's sense of safety and comfort, and maintain their interest when visiting the City's downtown.  Creating an environment that supports these three critical urban design objectives will encourage more frequent and longer visits by shoppers and diners, which will increase the amount of economic activity in the downtown shopping district.
More jobs and more local tax dollars increase the economic health of the entire community, including the overall standard of living of the residents.


For many years, the city has been gradually moving southward on Pioneer Boulevard with a multi-year capital improvement program. The street segments that were originally addressed by this multi-year capital improvement program are:

North of the 91 Freeway to Artesia Boulevard.  This project was COMPLETED.
Artesia Boulevard to 183rd Street. This project was COMPLETED.
183rd Street to 188th Street. This project is currently UNDERWAY.

The project that is currently underway runs from 183rd Street to 188th Street.  It is very ambitious because it contains an extensive set of amenities.  Because of its complexity, it is being undertaken in three phases:

Phase 1 improvements include wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, extensive streetscaping, and single traffic lanes.  These improvements will enhance the pedestrian experience, make it possible for restaurants along the boulevard to offer more outdoor dining, and reduce traffic speeds so that vehicle occupants will be traveling slowly enough to see store fronts and appreciate retail merchandising along the boulevard.

Phase 2 will bring beautification features to the boulevard which have been designed to encourage shoppers to linger: street furniture, bike racks, pedestrian-oriented decorative lighting and signage, trees to provide a pleasant shade canopy, landscaping planters, and more.

Phase 3 will add a large pedestrian promenade to the center of the boulevard where lively events and engagement can occur. This phase contemplates water features such as a splash pad and fountains, a plaza, and even a small performance venue, along with more street furniture, decorative lighting, additional trees, and landscaping.


The goal is to increase economic activity in the City's main commercial corridor by driving more foot traffic. This is being done by enhancing the shopping and dining experience for patrons of Pioneer Boulevard businesses through good urban planning and modernization of the street features.

This final leg of the Pioneer Boulevard improvement program contains the most amenities. It is expected to contribute the most to the community's vision for the public infrastructure needed to support the goal of achieving a complementary mix of commercial retail, office and residential use, which will expand economic vibrancy and livability in the City's core commercial area.

All of the improvements have been designed to create a sense of place at a human scale, and to provide enclosure, transparency, linkages, and visual coherence to the boulevard. These qualities are necessary if this public space is going to meet the human needs for ease of use, a sense of safety, a level of interest, and a sense of comfort.  These are hall marks of high-quality destination shopping an dining venues.

The improvement have been conceived and designed expressly to increase foot traffic in the international downtown shopping district.


These public improvements are being undertaken to encourage and support the private development of a complementary mix of commercial retail, office, and residential uses. The creation of this mix is a proven strategy that has been implemented in many other communities to increase economic activity and livability in core commercial areas.

Income: Improving the economic activity in an area results in more jobs, better paying jobs, and a better standard of living for individuals accessing the economic engine in this way.

Growth in Capital:  Improving the economic activity in an area also results in more productive use of the property in that area.  When the productivity of an asset is maximized, it is frequently referred to as having achieved its highest and best use.  Using property for its highest and best use results in better and stronger property values, and helps to insulate property values from external economic pressures. For individuals accessing the economic engine in this way, a better standard of living will also be the long term result.

This economic robustness and resiliency in both active and passive income and wealth building strategies ultimately translates into a better quality of life for Artesians, because more jobs and more local tax dollars increase the overall wealth of the entire community, including the overall standard of living of the people in the community.

Artistic rendering of Pioneer Improvement Project