Code Enforcement

The City of Artesia provides Code Enforcement to services that preserve the appearance, character and quality of our neighborhoods and our community. Doing your part to make your property look good helps to enhance our neighborhoods and attract visitors to our businesses. Well-maintained properties benefit both business owners and residents by encouraging lower crime rates, increasing property values, and building community pride. These efforts promote and maintain the high standards that make Artesia a desirable place to live and do business. 

The Artesian - Code Enforcement Special Issue

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In this issue residents will find information that explains what code enforcement is and how the City's code enforcement process works, why code enforcement is necessary to preserve and improve the quality of life of Artesia residents, a s well as examples of common code violations and suggestions on how to cure them. This issue also provides a list of important phone numbers for residents to keep handy for activity that may extend beyond the jurisdiction of Code Enforcement.