Request an Inspection:

Please call (562) 865-6262 at least twenty-four hours in advance. You will need to provide the address of the property to be inspected, a contact name, a contact phone number, permit number, and the type of inspection needed. The building inspector will need to see the approved plans and the inspection card at the time of inspection. Time delays and re-inspections can be avoided by ensuring that work is completed before the inspector arrives.  

Why do I need an inspection?

Inspections allow the City to ensure the safety of buildings. Multiple inspections may be necessary at various points in the project so that the inspector can view components that may be covered during subsequent construction. 

What if I make changes to the approved plans?

If changes are made after plans have been approved and issued, you must clear the changes with the Building Division and any other divisions depending on what is changing. Clearing changes can often take place over the counter, but changes do need to be addressed before the inspector arrives. The types of inspections that will often be required include:

  • Concrete Slab / Under Floor Inspection
  • Final Inspection    
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Framing Inspection
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Lath / Drywall Inspection

Note: Other inspections may be required in addition to the ones listed above depending on the project.

Investigation Inspection

This type of inspection is when the Building Inspector conducts an inspection of illegal construction, fire / collision damage to structures, or complaints and problems that come to the City's attention pertaining to Building & Safety.