The Artesia Active Transportation Plan 

ATPimagerevised2A Guide Towards Getting Around the City Better!
The City of Artesia has developed an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to provide a transportation system that supports mobility by means of walking, bicycling, public transit, and automobiles.  The goal of the ATP is to enhance opportunities to connect neighborhoods in Artesia to parks, schools, restaurants, retail centers, and public transit (such as the future West Santa Ana Branch light rail line), by making it more convenient and safe for residents and visitors to walk and ride a bicycle to access these areas.  There are also numerous environmental and health benefits attributable to bicycling and walking, especially as substitutes for travel by motor vehicle.

Artesia’s Active Transportation Plan was developed through a public engagement process that included a series of pop-up tablATPpopupes at City events, virtual community listening sessions, and online surveys. The City received feedback from community members who expressed support of improving streets to make Artesia a more walkable community. Those that shared their feedback also communicated a desire to have safer roads for those that bicycle through the City, particularly on Pioneer Boulevard. Using the community’s direct feedback, the City developed a list of priority bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects which include improvements to Pioneer Boulevard, Gridley Road, and 183rd Street. 

Creating an Active Transportation Plan provides the City of Artesia a guide for future infrastructure projects to work towards better integrating Artesia’s transportation systems in order to transform the existing environment to benefit and revitalize the community and local economy.

The Artesia City Council adopted the Artesia Active Transportation Plan at their regular City Council meeting held on February 14, 2022.  Having an adopted ATP will allow the City to be competitive in seeking future funding opportunities to make these projects possible.  

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