How do I apply for a yard sale permit?
Conditions & Restrictions on Yard & Garage Sales
  • Only one permit shall be issued during any six month period for a yard or garage sale at the same location.
  • Only used property may be displayed or offered for sale at the yard sale.
  • No sign or other form of advertisement of the yard or garage sale shall be placed upon any public property within the city nor upon any property other than the authorized location of the sale.
  • Two signs only, each not exceeding six feet in area, may be placed in front or side yard of the authorized location of the yard and garage sale. The signs shall be placed at least five feet from the property line.
  • The permit shall be valid for a period not to exceed three consecutive days.

Return the completed application to City Hall in person or via email, include a copy of your ID card and proof of residency in the City of Artesia (i.e. a utility bill showing address).

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1. How do I apply for a yard sale permit?