How do I report a light that is out on my street?
Call Southern California Edison to repair the lights. California Tariff regulations require Edison to fix the problem within 72 hours. When reporting street lights needing repair provide an address of the location. For example, if the light is outside your property, give them your address; or if it is at an intersection, tell them the intersection. Calling Edison is the fastest way to resolve the problem.

If the street light is not repaired by the fourth day from the day that you reported it to Edison or city hall, please contact city hall and your request will be followed up to ensure Edison repairs the street light. As an added service to our residents, you could call city hall with the complaint of non-working street lights, but the Edison Company has advised that it may be more efficient to report the matter directly to them.

Southern California Edison
Ph: 800-611-1911

Artesia City Hall
Ph: 562-865-6262

For more information, call 562-865-6262 Ext. 223.

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1. How do I report a light that is out on my street?