General Plan Update

General Plan Update

General Plan Update

The General Plan is the City's list of goals and the strategies by which it plans to achieve by a certain year. This latest General Plan is the City's goals that it is seeking to reach by the year 2030.

General Plan Update (PDF)

Housing Element Update 2021

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Housing Element 2014

The City of Artesia's Housing Sub-element is the component of the city's general Plan that addresses housing needs and opportunities for present and future Artesia residents through 2021. The Housing Sub-element provides the primary policy guidance for local decision-making related to housing. The Housing Sub-element of the General Plan is the only General Plan Element that requires review and certification by the State of the California.

The Housing Sub-Element provides a detailed analysis of Artesia's demographic, economic, and housing characteristics as required by State Law. The Sub-Element also provides a comprehensive evaluation of the city's progress in implementing the past policy and action programs related to housing production, preservation, conservation, and rehabilitation. Based upon the community's housing needs, available resources, constraints, opportunities and past performance, the Housing Sub-Element identifies goals, policies, actions and objectives that address the housing needs of present and future Artesians.

Housing Element (PDF)

Environmental Impact Report

Section 00 - Table of Contents (PDF)
Section 01 - Introduction (PDF)
Section 02 - Executive Summary (PDF)
Section 03 - Project Description (PDF)
Section 04 - Cumulative Impacts (PDF)
Section 05 - Approach to Environmental Analysis (PDF)
Section 05.01 - Land Use (PDF)
Section 05.02 - Population, Housing, and Growth (PDF)
Section 05.03 - Aesthetics (PDF)
Section 05.04 - Circulation (PDF)
Section 05.05 - Air Quality (PDF)
Section 05.06 - Noise (PDF)
Section 05.07 - Geology, Soils (PDF)
Section 05.08 - Hydrology, Water (PDF)
Section 05.09 - Hazards (PDF)
Section 05.10 - Cultural Resources (PDF)
Section 05.11 - Public Services, Recreation (PDF)
Section 05.12 - Utilities Services (PDF)
Section 06 - Significant Environmental Impacts (PDF)
Section 07 - Significant and Irreversible Impacts (PDF)
Section 08 - Alternatives (PDF)
Section 09 - Organizations, Persons Consulted (PDF)

Environmental Impact Report Technical Appendices

Appendix 12.01 - Notice of Preparation (NOP) (PDF)
Appendix 12.02 - NOP Comments (PDF)
Appendix 12.03 - Traffic (PDF)
Appendix 12.04 - Air Quality (PDF)
Appendix 12.05 - Noise (PDF)
Appendix 12.06 - PSU Responses (PDF)