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The City will be temporarily postponing its commercial cannabis business program to address pending litigation.  This means that the City will temporarily hold on reviewing applications.  Application review will resume at the end of the postponement. 

This postponement is being done pursuant to the Application Procedure Guidelines and Review Criteria for a Commercial Cannabis Business Permit, which provides, in part: “City’s Reservation of Rights.  The City reserves the right to reject any and/or all applications, with or without cause or reason.  The City may modify, postpone, or cancel the request for a retail cannabis permit without liability, obligation, or commitment to any person, party, firm, or organization.” 

During this period, the City will be evaluating its process and regulations.  Pending the results of the review, the City intends to resume its program.  If applicants do not wish to keep their applications under submission with the City, then please notify the City by March 30, 2023, and the City will process the application’s withdrawal. This would include refunding any fees that have been paid.  Applicants may also withdraw their application at any time by providing written notice to

On May 15, 2023, at a Special Meeting of the Planning Commission, the Planning Commission adopted Planning Commission Resolution No. 2023-02P, recommending the City Council approve a zoning text amendment regarding Articles 20 and 44 of Chapter 2 of Title of the Artesia Municipal Code to establish an administrative design review process for commercial cannabis businesses and reaffirming the allowable zones for commercial cannabis businesses, including specified zones and specific plan areas which are south of State Route 91.  The zoning text amendment will be introduced to the City Council for consideration at a forthcoming City Council Meeting. 

Please continue checking this Commercial Cannabis Information page for updates and information.


In November 2020, Artesia voters approved Measure Q; a ballot measure that allows taxes to be collected from the sale of cannabis in Artesia. In November 2021, the City Council identified cannabis as an opportunity to enhance economic development and created an ad-hoc committee of the City Council to work on an Ordinance that would lift the prohibitions on medical and commercial cannabis activities in the City, and establish regulations to provide a permitting process for cannabis sales and businesses within Artesia.

In 2022, the City held a variety of public meetings, including a Town Hall meeting to provide the public the opportunity to comment on a draft Ordinance that would permit up to three retail cannabis businesses to operate within the City.  

The Artesia City Council amended changes to the City’s Zoning Code by adopting Ordinance No. 22-929 in October 2022, to permit cannabis retail sales within certain zones in the City.  The City Council also adopted regulatory Ordinance No. 22-930 in November 2022, to permit commercial cannabis activity within Artesia.  Ordinance No. 22-930 is in the process of being amended by Ordinance No. 22-938, which was introduced on December 13, 2022, and set for second reading and adoption on January 17, 2023, going into effect 30 days following adoption on February 16, 2023.  

This webpage will be updated periodically to provide information relating to the status of the City’s Cannabis Program, opening of the application period, to address frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), and provide application materials and guidelines for potential cannabis businesses.  

All inquiries must be submitted by email to Responses will be provided through the cannabis website FAQ page.

Important note to prospective cannabis applicants: It is the responsibility of prospective applicants to closely monitor the Artesia cannabis website for new information.  Any attempt to contact City staff using alternative methods of communication (e.g. direct email to City staff, phone calls, visits to City Hall, etc.) are highly discouraged, and should not be relied upon for accurate information regarding the application process.

The City will not be accepting sponsorships or donations for any City-operated program from any cannabis-related business or applicant.  Prospective applicants should not contact City staff or officials regarding any sponsorship or donation opportunities.

Available Materials


City of Artesia Ordinance No. 23-940Title 3, Chapter 5, Article 5 (Cannabis Business Tax)Adopted by Voters on November 3, 2020

City of Artesia Ordinance No. 22-929Title 9, Chapter 2, Article 44 (Commercial Marijuana Use and Cultivation)Adopted October 10, 2022

City of Artesia Ordinance No. 22-930Title 3, Chapter 2, Article 8 (Adult Cannabis Businesses and Activities)Adopted November 14, 2022

City of Artesia Ordinance No. 22-938Amending Sections 3-2.802 and 3-2.803 of Article 8 (Adult Cannabis Businesses and Activities)

Adopted January 17, 2023

City of Artesia Resolution No. 23-2920
Adopting the application, procedures, guidelines, and scoring criteria.

City of Artesia Resolution No. 23-2919  Adopting the Cannabis fee schedule

Zoning Map
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