Solid Waste & Recycling Services


Since November 2015 CR&R Environmental Services has been the single franchised waste hauler for the City of Artesia, and has been responsible for providing recycling, refuse, and green waste services for residents.

Call (866) 949-9694 to establish service or if you have questions about your account.

The CR&R website provides guidelines about setting out your carts on collection day and recyclable item.

Most types of containers and paper products can be recycled in your blue-lid recycling container. Please empty containers and flatten boxes and cartons whenever possible. For a complete list of recyclable items, refer to the recycling guides in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF).

Bulky Item Disposal

Go to CR&R waste services for information on how to dispose of bulk items like furniture and appliances. To arrange for a pick-up, please call CR&R at (866) 949-9694.