Emergency Preparedness

National Preparedness Month

September is recognized as National Preparedness Month, a time when we emphasize the importance of being prepared for various emergencies and disasters. It serves as a reminder for all of us to take proactive steps to ensure the safety and well-being of ourselves, our families, and our community.

Key Steps to Preparedness:

    • Create an emergency plan for your family, including communication and meeting points.
    • Build an emergency kit with essential supplies such as water, non-perishable food, medications, and first aid items.
    • Stay informed about potential hazards that could affect our area and know how to receive emergency alerts.


For detailed preparedness information, we encourage you to review the City's Emergency Planning Guide offered in both English and Spanish.

For comprehensive information on emergency preparedness, visit Ready.gov. This official government website provides valuable insights, checklists, and resources to help you get prepared for various types of emergencies.

Artesia's Local Hazard Mitigation ProgramLocal Hazard Mitigation Plan Opens in new window

Artesia is dedicated to enhancing community safety and preparedness through its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP). Artesia recognizes the importance of proactive planning to create a more resilient environment for residents, businesses, and visitors. The LHMP serves as a roadmap for public safety officials, city personnel, elected representatives, and the public to understand the potential risks that could arise from natural and human-caused hazards. This plan outlines actionable recommendations aimed at reducing these risks before disasters strike.

Artesia's Emergency Operations Plan

The City of Artesia's Emergency Operations Plan addresses the City's planned response toCity of Artesia Emergency Operations Plan Opens in new window emergency situations associated with natural or man-made disasters under an all-hazards approach. This plan does not apply to normal day-to-day emergencies incidents or the established departmental procedures used to cope with such emergencies. Instead, this plan focuses on operational concepts that would be implemented in large-scale disasters, which can pose major threats to life, property, and the environment, requiring robust emergency responses.

Rave Mobile Reverse 911:

The City of Artesia utilizes the Rave Mobile Reverse 911 system, an essential tool that enables local authorities to quickly alert residents about emergency situations, including severe weather, evacuation notices, and other critical information. This system helps us keep our community informed and safe by providing timely alerts directly to your phone.

City of Artesia Disaster Communication: 

In the event of a disaster, please sign up for the Rave Mobile Reverse 911 system for up-to-date information.