City of Artesia Property Tax

The City of Artesia is considered a “no/low property tax City,” which means the City had no property tax or a low property tax in place prior to the passage of Proposition 13.

The passage of statewide Proposition 13, imposed a cap on the total property tax rate that could be imposed without voter approval. Further, existing taxes collected throughout each county statewide were proportionately compressed down to 1%, establishing a base amount for each agency. However, all agencies without a tax levy in place prior to Proposition 13, received very little to nothing under this formula. State legislation was passed to rectify this, as more than 30 cities were impacted.  This was rectified through Tax Equity Allocations – a reallocation of property tax revenue in each county to impacted cities. The City of Artesia receives a portion of the revenue generated through LA County’s 1%.

Property Owners in Artesia:

Property owners in Artesia pay property taxes on the assessed value of their property, as determined by the Los Angeles County Assessor. The County Auditor Controller calculates tax bills using the assessed value of each property. Property owners then remit property tax payments to the County. The Auditor Controller is responsible for allocating property tax revenue to the local entities within the county, such as the City of Artesia. 

Revenue to the City:
The City of Artesia receives 6.59% of the revenue generated through Los Angeles County’s 1% allocation, or $0.000659 for each dollar collected. The amount remitted to the City from the county varies based on the total amount collected.